Friday, January 29, 2010

Space Truck

Looking up the massive industrial ship, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to pilot one from the bridge.

A burley hauler brushes past me, when someone yells "Hey, get a move on, no standing around!" I look over to see who's yelling.

"That's right, you! We're not paying you to just stand there!"

I realize the muscle head has mistaken me for hired help. Opportunity knocks! I nod to the lump of muscle and shuffle into the loading dock, and quickly slip into a connecting hall. Security is non-existent, they've almost finished unloading and must be on sched for maintenance.

The ship is massive, but I manage to navigate my way towards the bridge using the occasional comm link display. Finally there it is before me. The forward view is active and I look out upon the massive bow.

Suddenly, hands grasp my arms and a harsh voice whispers..."now who the hell do you think you are.... where do you think you're going!"



"Where do you think you're going!"


"Jaz, where do you think you're going!!" Black Claw's voice screams in my ear as I realize I've been day dreaming again and have drifted off from the fleet.

"Truck'n on back to ya FC" I drawl with a grin.

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