Saturday, January 23, 2010

A quick systems check and I'm ready to undock Moonlight in Berta and join the fleet. Buck is my FC, and I listen closely as we form up. My job is to monitor the Doril to Jorund gate and warn the rest of the gang if someone makes the jump into Jorund.

I take Moonlight out to about 200km and let Buck know I'm in position. The whole crew is tense as this is our first time out of Berta and into true null-sec space. I've already got the D-Scan up and am glad of my recently completed training in its use. A Wolf is prowling local, but doesn't seem interested in the gate, or me.

Soon enough a Caracal shows up on the scanner, and then enters visual as it approaches the gate.

"This is Jaz, Caracal approaching Jorund gate from Doril... he's jumping now..."

I try to keep my voice steady, but my heart is racing. Buck aligns the fleet and they all warp in on the Jorund side. I pick pieces of chatter up on the comms...

"I've got a point!... Bump him, bump him from the gate! ..."

Silently I root for Metalhead.

Not sure what to do, I maintain my position off the gate in Doril and listen in as the fleet picks apart the Caracal. As it melts down, I inform the crew and a chear echos off the steel hull.

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