Friday, January 22, 2010

Space showers, just as good as the real thing

The stargates blur together, Madirmilire, Ashab... My mind wonders as I gradually close on my destination, Berta.

The comm link blurts something about existentialists and a paper. Damn, even this far from planet side and I have work to complete. A few mental commands and my Caracal, Moonlight, switches over to autopilot as the viscous fluid drains from my pod and I start to cough it out of my lungs while sucking in the stale ship air.

A shower is all I can think of at this point. Hot water, steam, the pod fluid running clean from me. I close my eyes and let the water jets batter me as the hot mist thickens around me. Standing there, forgetting for a moment that I've left home for a lonely life in deep space, cold, dark.

The water turns off, as suddenly as it began, and I'm standing there, breathing the steam. Reaching out, I pull my robe tightly around me. Swaddled in its warmth I sit down and start to write about Jean-Paul, and the warm sun on my home planet.

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