Saturday, January 9, 2010

First days in eve online

Well, character creation. The question I always struggle with... do I make a boy character and play without being constantly messaged or do I go all out girl, be myself, and just deal. Girl wins and I decide to go blonde, for some reason I like being mean to my new character and give her bad hair. Jaz'minh will work for a name, and I'm off to explore!

It's at this point that I decide to blog about this game. A friend of mine (I play in his D&D group) has been bugging me to play, so this way there will be a record of whether this was a good idea or not!

I'm not sure how I'd ever learn to play this game without Steve kind of tutoring me. Anyway, I've kind of got the basics down now and I'm off exploring Lonetrek!

The Condor is a sleek looking ship. It feels like it goes fast, and I like that because I like to go fast. I hear that I'll love the Caracal, so I'm studying hard while I fight off those nasty pirates in the asteroid belts. Once I get the hang of piloting this thing I'll be looking up an agent to learn more about this new world I have found myself in.

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