Friday, January 29, 2010

Space Truck

Looking up the massive industrial ship, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to pilot one from the bridge.

A burley hauler brushes past me, when someone yells "Hey, get a move on, no standing around!" I look over to see who's yelling.

"That's right, you! We're not paying you to just stand there!"

I realize the muscle head has mistaken me for hired help. Opportunity knocks! I nod to the lump of muscle and shuffle into the loading dock, and quickly slip into a connecting hall. Security is non-existent, they've almost finished unloading and must be on sched for maintenance.

The ship is massive, but I manage to navigate my way towards the bridge using the occasional comm link display. Finally there it is before me. The forward view is active and I look out upon the massive bow.

Suddenly, hands grasp my arms and a harsh voice whispers..."now who the hell do you think you are.... where do you think you're going!"



"Where do you think you're going!"


"Jaz, where do you think you're going!!" Black Claw's voice screams in my ear as I realize I've been day dreaming again and have drifted off from the fleet.

"Truck'n on back to ya FC" I drawl with a grin.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A quick systems check and I'm ready to undock Moonlight in Berta and join the fleet. Buck is my FC, and I listen closely as we form up. My job is to monitor the Doril to Jorund gate and warn the rest of the gang if someone makes the jump into Jorund.

I take Moonlight out to about 200km and let Buck know I'm in position. The whole crew is tense as this is our first time out of Berta and into true null-sec space. I've already got the D-Scan up and am glad of my recently completed training in its use. A Wolf is prowling local, but doesn't seem interested in the gate, or me.

Soon enough a Caracal shows up on the scanner, and then enters visual as it approaches the gate.

"This is Jaz, Caracal approaching Jorund gate from Doril... he's jumping now..."

I try to keep my voice steady, but my heart is racing. Buck aligns the fleet and they all warp in on the Jorund side. I pick pieces of chatter up on the comms...

"I've got a point!... Bump him, bump him from the gate! ..."

Silently I root for Metalhead.

Not sure what to do, I maintain my position off the gate in Doril and listen in as the fleet picks apart the Caracal. As it melts down, I inform the crew and a chear echos off the steel hull.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Space showers, just as good as the real thing

The stargates blur together, Madirmilire, Ashab... My mind wonders as I gradually close on my destination, Berta.

The comm link blurts something about existentialists and a paper. Damn, even this far from planet side and I have work to complete. A few mental commands and my Caracal, Moonlight, switches over to autopilot as the viscous fluid drains from my pod and I start to cough it out of my lungs while sucking in the stale ship air.

A shower is all I can think of at this point. Hot water, steam, the pod fluid running clean from me. I close my eyes and let the water jets batter me as the hot mist thickens around me. Standing there, forgetting for a moment that I've left home for a lonely life in deep space, cold, dark.

The water turns off, as suddenly as it began, and I'm standing there, breathing the steam. Reaching out, I pull my robe tightly around me. Swaddled in its warmth I sit down and start to write about Jean-Paul, and the warm sun on my home planet.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The big move

Well, the day of the big move has come. My ship, Moonlight (a well used Caracal), is packed with everything that I'll need for the long trip to Berta. Berta, it promises to be everything that home isn't. So long family, so long everything I've known. I leave you all behind for an adventure with my new Corp, the Open University of Celestial Hardship.

Berta is their empire staging area. It will be my last glimpse of the world I've known before linking up with the next convoy, bound for my new home in null sec.

I wonder what I'll miss. My family, I'm outgrowing them. I love them all dearly, but I feel the need to beat my own path. Throw myself into the great void and see if I can stand. There's a boy too of course, but even he will not keep my feet planet side.

Moonlight seems to yearn for flight. I press my palm to her side, the steel hull cold but strong. I'm ready.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Need humans!

Ok, so for me, MMO games are about being with people. Talking to agents, fighting the "rats" in belts... kind of boring (no offense to those that are into that). Plus being able to talk to a group of people instead of typing all the time is much more social.

So I looked for corporations that recruit new players and found OUCH. They say they die a lot which I think is most funny. Waiting not to see what my future holds with this amusing group:-)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First days in eve online

Well, character creation. The question I always struggle with... do I make a boy character and play without being constantly messaged or do I go all out girl, be myself, and just deal. Girl wins and I decide to go blonde, for some reason I like being mean to my new character and give her bad hair. Jaz'minh will work for a name, and I'm off to explore!

It's at this point that I decide to blog about this game. A friend of mine (I play in his D&D group) has been bugging me to play, so this way there will be a record of whether this was a good idea or not!

I'm not sure how I'd ever learn to play this game without Steve kind of tutoring me. Anyway, I've kind of got the basics down now and I'm off exploring Lonetrek!

The Condor is a sleek looking ship. It feels like it goes fast, and I like that because I like to go fast. I hear that I'll love the Caracal, so I'm studying hard while I fight off those nasty pirates in the asteroid belts. Once I get the hang of piloting this thing I'll be looking up an agent to learn more about this new world I have found myself in.